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(22139 classements)
December 5, 2008
Studio: Temptation

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    • t h October 26, 2011

      I would. Like to see it done one on one math if I how to make you squirt like that I would sure give it a shot

    • xxccc November 30, 2011

      Would love put my 11 inches cock in her pussy....

    • Female Ejaculate is Real November 29, 2011

      I've been with two women whom squirted. It wasn't urine they squirted. I use my sense of smell a lot and hreby vouch that urine and female ejaculate smell - and taste - different. This video was definitely hot. I enjoyed watching it. I enjoyed reading the comments. It was refreshing to see so many women post comments about how hot the video was for them and what tipped them over the edge into orgasm. Thank you for sharing.

    • Saigyn December 3, 2011

      well, better than nothing..

    • Darrell November 28, 2011

      You have a great body am looking forward of seeing more of what is inside of you>

    • Furniture Bob December 8, 2011

      I don't really like their red carpet, but I do like his collection of model airplanes in the background.

    • bivisitor December 9, 2011

      this isnt instructions. its a commercial.

    • bcore November 22, 2011

      check out the model aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling.... thats hot

    • Chchch October 24, 2011

      Her pussy looks loose

    • Max paine October 21, 2011

      Wow... that was great.

    • TheTattooedLady November 9, 2011

      Who is this woman? She is stunning!

    • Waldeaux November 15, 2011

      I've watched a fair amount of porn, and Cytherea has got to be my hands down favorite. I hope to chat with her one day. I guess I have alot of questions to ask her, but I really would just be thrilled to talk to her. Maybe one day...

    • Jason December 9, 2011

      Janet I fuck ur pussy hard

    • Sexy November 23, 2011

      THAT WAS SO HOT!!! I have never seen a squirt that long! Oh Man...

    • Bi Bitches<3 December 17, 2011

      damn this is fucking hot i want to eat her so badd mmmm

    • sirfucksalot February 11, 2012

      my girl just started squirting after 20 yrs.just happend one night.blew my freaking mind,later found out her friend was telling her how 2 do it,and she taught her self 2 squirt,just 4 it and cant get enough

    • AwaysHorny January 25, 2012

      Squirting is real, my wife squirts and so does her gf & I love it. The first time my wife squirted she was suprised and thought she had to pee but we were in a hotel so I didn't stop and kept going, I thought it was hot. Afterwards she said she didn't think it was pee, because she did pee after we had sex and felt totally different according to her. For a long time after that when ever we fucked she'd have to stop during sex because she thought she going to pee but when we did stop she never did actually pee. It was becoming frustrating. but one day we decided to push through it, well she's been having amazing squirts & orgasams ever since.

    • 40 February 11, 2012

      ...a gusher a geyser man she could put out a fire

    • hoottttttt February 17, 2012

      this is sooo hot its not pee and hys there loads of guys acting like girls on here wtf you homo?????

    • Squirter March 6, 2012

      I am a squirter, I always pee before sex so I know my bladder is empty. My record is 32 squirts (seriously, no joke!) in a 3-4 hour time period of my husband fingering me and going down on me. I soaked through 8 layers of towels. By the time we were done I had to pee again. So, yes pee is different than female ejaculate.

    • mr. wild January 23, 2012

      she called the loveline!!! with dr drew lol, awesome! she is AWESOME. great vid by the way

    • Fred January 5, 2012

      Whos the last girl with the black hair?

    • BarelyLegalSquirter December 25, 2011

      Squirting is real, however it is usually not as dramatic as many porns portray it. I squirt, though its not as if a gallon of cum is coming out of me, more like maybe a cup. Even then, it takes effort to get me there.

    • sexgirl December 22, 2011

      just a nice hard dick

    • JayDee December 29, 2011

      For you guys who saw airplanes - THERE WERE AIRPLANES! I guess I wasn't as bored as you. Anyway, I'm a 57 year old man and up till a couple of years ago I didn't even know women could even squirt. Damn I missed alot! Maybe some day I'll get lucky enough to see a lady squirt in real life. As for you ladies that do, I applaud you and keep on shooting. Your man and/or women better continue loving it. They have got to experince something alot of us have not. I enjoyed all of the ladies comments and I thank you.

    • myself December 30, 2011

      Lindsy lohan?

    • xD January 3, 2012

      Lol , why is that guy moaning ? Her moan is annoying as fuck , and that guy jizzed his pants xD

    • rr October 20, 2011

      delisious major major yummy yummy ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

    • Bobby October 12, 2011


    • addictedsusie August 6, 2011

      i came like 3 times to this video... about to find a nice hard dick

    • persephone July 31, 2011

      I love the way he looks at her. You can tell he's really into her in this video.

    • Omg August 9, 2011


    • EroticGuy August 13, 2011

      That was one of the best vids on here. She is what wet dreams are made of! Fuckin' hot. Susie... here and waiting if you still need one!

    • Hornygirl August 22, 2011

      Mmm this video gets me everytime and im a girl and straight! She is just so cute and sexy mmm flower make me more videos mmmmmm

    • stud August 15, 2011

      Squirters wanted holla

    • spike July 27, 2011

      that was hottttt

    • donkey dick July 25, 2011

      I loved every minute of it I wish I was a porn star I would make her cum

    • bs? June 18, 2011

      truth, martin, the porn industry is all about showing you anything they can possibly show you, and if squirting were "real" as they portray it here we would have seen it long ago. if its real then why does the camera cut scene pretty much 100% of the time after a chick squirts :| cuz they're reloading the juicebox and plugging the hole up with wang again, thats why. chicks can be juicy, but they cant be fruit gushers.

    • YesIcan June 17, 2011

      DOuble D said it perfectly!! Great video - for the reasons just mentioned ;) And it's NOT pee, whoever says that, never squirted and therefore cannot judge it. I use to always say, that stuff is fake, it's pee or water or whatever until I met someone who made me squirt. DAMN my bed was soaked and I was shaking my head in disbelief!! If you google it, you will find out more, where it comes from and why it sometimes smells a lil like pee or even looks like it... Miseducated people out there need to read more or have better sex! ;)

    • hi June 19, 2011

      nice feet damn

    • darryl June 26, 2011

      just beautiful, and sweet as well. Thankyou Cytherea for sharing yourself with a dreamer like myself

    • anon July 11, 2011

      real or not, this is the fucking hottest video I have ever seen.

    • TVC August 25, 2011

      Squirting is pee, get over it. It doesn't mean it isn't hot though.

    • first August 29, 2011

      one i ever saw

    • Holli October 4, 2011

      I myself am a squirter, and i can tell you that it isn't pee. And, if you have ever squirted or been with a girl who squirted, you know that sometimes you can leave big puddles on the bed. I always have to use a towel when I have sex or change the sheets. Sometimes I soak even the towel. But, this was a great video!

    • Dirkdiggler October 1, 2011

      Me likey

    • Nozaer October 5, 2011

      Nice the music

    • ??? October 7, 2011

      How do you squirt

    • Amazed October 8, 2011

      I would love to squirt like that.

    • ana September 28, 2011

      it made me cum when he whispered in her ear "ur so fucking hot, u fucking came all over my fucking chest" HOTTTTTTTTT

    • hard on September 17, 2011

      Her shoes kept getting in the way of the camera and her pussy and asshole was black other than that it was great

    • Josh92 September 8, 2011

      Damn I wish this video was longer it was great

    • ARC September 4, 2011

      Any girls want their pussy licked

    • asia September 8, 2011

      sounds like a japanese bitch

    • SmokeyTheBear September 10, 2011

      Cytheria should work for the fire department!

    • bow September 11, 2011

      I have had many sqirters in my time not a porn dude just open guy who likes to see what makes girls cum hard & trust me it's not pee , no smell or color.......... guys unlucky enoughto see it not workingright

    • 123 April 2, 2012

      cytherea what a lovely squirter you must be

    • kyod April 4, 2012

      this is the best ever ......perfect!!!!!!!! She is so perfect.

    • URB August 23, 2013

      That's the only to make a woman to cum!!!!

    • How to June 29, 2013

      I so wanna be taught how to cum for my man!!! I've tried and I've been unsuccessful at every attempt!! PLEASE ADVISE

    • Tom October 27, 2013

      You could wet me anytime loverly.

    • uncabudz November 3, 2013

      yepper, I know the trick and EVERY ONE between 25-75 I make them all squirt. lots of fringe benefits go with that too.

    • BNMHJOHNNY November 23, 2013

      She is the queen of squirting and that ranks number 1 on her long list of videos. Luv the fact she went back to her natural hair colour too!

    • Lat me in, honey November 19, 2013

      I would love to fuck this pretty and sexy woman until she climaxes while I am deep inside here.

    • Selene June 24, 2013

      Never had an orgasm before sigh

    • anybany June 9, 2013

      its sol cool vidos (video) privet is rossii

    • Devil April 15, 2013

      She pisses.

    • Angel April 14, 2013

      My baby squirts just like that. especilly in my mouth. That is so real for u non believers

    • fuck me hard May 12, 2013

      i squirt like this all the time my man knows how 2 do it right everytime he fingers me and fucks me I squirt it feels soooooo GOOD ! for u non believers this is real

    • yeyuh May 16, 2013

      Sasha Grey ftw

    • bikash May 28, 2013

      gud dood

    • sluttygirl December 21, 2013

      animalistic mating

    • hamdicappo December 23, 2013

      nice fuck and a cute girl

    • Jeff Classic September 14, 2014

      i like this it make me feel

    • Pussyluvit August 8, 2014

      I'd fuck her any time and she can piss on me as well

    • Nikki April 9, 2015

      Can he fuck me no like seriously

    • Rainer May 1, 2015

      Best squirting ever seen

    • wissem May 15, 2015

      i wantsexe with you girly.

    • Brunette August 5, 2014

      How can she do that

    • hapon July 22, 2014

      one hit men

    • wetdirtyslut January 25, 2014

      My pussy is sooo fucking wet I squirted like 10 times gimme ur number boys

    • Sex me December 23, 2013

      Sex me

    • Peter February 9, 2014

      She is every man's perfect fuck dream. She is so wild. Did not think she would have much in the tit department until she took her cloths off - and then revealed some very sexy nipples. Rest of body also magnificent. And that cunt - what a cunt to fuck. This dude is so lucky.

    • Andrea March 10, 2014

      Who is he?

    • zayyummzaddy April 13, 2014

      Damn...i want someone to fuck me that hard!

    • Frenchie April 14, 2013

      Squirting is real. My man has me squirting everytime he goes down on me and fingers me. He knows how to work it. I love every moment of it. For you non-believers, squirting is real.

    • Sex4e February 23, 2013

      I would like one day to fuck cythera

    • AK September 2, 2012

      shit!!!!!!!! i feel that orgasm bcuz of her! i wanna FUCK HER!!

    • porno July 20, 2012

      ceas vrea si ei sa fac o partida

    • nono September 4, 2012

      I wish I could make her squirt as I sucked her pussy

    • visitor September 11, 2012

      she is awosome.....aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

    • mastreo September 15, 2012

      Cytheria is so natural... she is correct as goddess. What man could resist her pleasure ? She is a siren of love that makes an ocean to lust ! Can I have her Plz.

    • abule July 18, 2012


    • @brucebuffer July 13, 2012

      ... And then Brock lesnar Ruins her?

    • Stilfrom May 19, 2012

      O MYYYY GAAAAAD ! ! ! ! !

    • Christy May 18, 2012

      I 'm fucking for almost 19 years, but never squirted. About a month ago, I watched a video of a woming squirting, after we watched the video, my husband, fucked me and finger me, for the first time in my live I squirted, it was fucking awesome, I never knew anything about squirting, Previously I thought I had to pee while having sex, but I was to stupid to know I't could be so awesome to just let go.... Yes Squirt taste like sugar water with no smell. I also soaked a 8 layer towel and the bed underneath the towel, but I don't care, it fucking unbeleivable. And for you guy thinking it's pee, it's not. It's just you that can't fuck hard and deep enought. Go get some lessons.

    • nono May 24, 2012

      Christy... Next time you sit on your husband face, bring yourself off and squirt in his mouth, he will love it and so will you

    • fluffy May 25, 2012

      the best actress ever, hot body, great skills and awesome squirt!!! love her so much...wish I could be like her...

    • PIRATE June 19, 2012

      she reminds me of the good girls of the past...not that Im old!...JUST EXPIERIENCED

    • Pullitoff September 19, 2012

      Damn I want her squirting all over my cock!!! Hardest I've cum to a porn clip in a long time!!

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