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Group Bisex

Pub de Traffic Junky
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July 10, 2009
Studio: Playhouse

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    • Mike April 9, 2015

      I would love to have gay sex with my boyfriend close to a lesbian couple. No heterosexual intercourse

    • like4somes July 4, 2013

      we did our first 4-some orgy. My boyfriend loved the thing with 2 women on him but was not sure of the guy. when you other guy started fucking me my boyfriend then joined in and we all got off to a huge climax. my boyfriend and the other girl sucked us dry as we fucked and came together.

    • pornperv1972 March 7, 2012

      30:45 Fucking her while you both suck the same cock....what could be better? Okay, sharing the facial while fucking her!

    • Cuckold Colin June 16, 2012

      Hey ya. Id been to a loevly health spa for the weekend with my wife, we was chilling by the pool just watchin all the people go by an I notice this good looking Black guy kept staring at my wife I could tell she was loving it. I encouraged her to maybe book some treatments for herself, knowing full well she was gonna be bouncing on some big black cock after all i didnt mind as i had my on another guy also. Off she went for her treatment followed by her Black Stud. I wandered over to the pool to Check out the talent and spooted this guy who was clearly eyeing me up as he walked to the showers so i followed him peered behind the curtain and he had his semi hard big dick in his hand. I said I will take that crouched down a began sucking on his big cock and rubbing his balls after to a while he was really hard and I could taste his pre cum then pulled out stood me up turned me around pulled my shorts down a slowly his big helmet up to my tight arsehole gently getting deeper and thrusting his big cock until felt him shudder as he came in my arse. HE then reached round to my cock to start wanking me off but we get disturbed. We had to break away. God Dammit. I headed back to our room to wait for my wife, She was gone a for a while, When she got back I was still Very horny so I started to take off her bikini an as i looked into her panties i could all the cum had leaked in them so i gave her agood licking out before fucking her. WOW What a Weekend that was.

    • ekko August 25, 2013

      amazing i need this in my life

    • Efrin October 19, 2011

      Some hot comments here guy's. My first threesome was with a pal and his girlfriend, I was at their place and we were all a little drunk when his gf said that she bet I had a bigger dick than my pal, well of course we had no idea who had the biggest. Ok she said, i'll find out and she unzipped us both, by this time we were both hard, it didn't take long for us to drop our pants and his gf got out a tape measure. Guess what I was the winner so she said that I could claim first prize and led us to the bedroom. Wow could this girl suck and fuck.We did everything including double dicking her.

    • consort February 5, 2014

      Bi is best! Sucking a cock with a woman is awesome! We start by licking his balls, sucking them, licking our way up his shaft. Our mouths always meet on his huge cockhead, and we kiss with it between our lips as his precum runs out.

    • MR DICK June 16, 2012

      I can eat pussy with the best of them,I dreamed of sucking a cock but never have since I became a man .when I was about ten I would suck my friend off and eat his sisters turn he would suck my dick. I also tought other boys in my block how to jerk off and eat their sisters pussy if they had one.We would all go down in my basement and would suck each others dick and eat all the girls pussy.We would'nt fuck the girles because some of us had cum and we did'nt want to get the girls prago. Me and my wife have some pretty wild sex but she wont have anothe women or man join us.I eat he ass and she does mine,I get so har that I just ram it into he ass an fuck her until I cum inside of her.I then put one or two fingers in her ass as I eat her out,the when she 's about to cum I pull my fingers out of her ass real slow,boy does she cum and cum and cum.

    • Straight (Not!) February 28, 2012

      First, if you are watching this, you ain't straight. Now, one of the things I regard is that I didn't become bisexual earlier in life. I was in my late 20's. I love fucking other men and love getting fucked by them. Sometime, I like just two men making love to me. Nothing like having a dick in your ass and one in your mouth. But, I don't want them as a bf or husband type thing. I still rather marry a woman or have them as a girlfriend.

    • biguy September 24, 2011

      bryan, i like the idea of our cocks cumming inside your wife. our meats are jammed together, balls touching, wet and ramming in and out. we can feel each other's cock on one side, and your wife's tight pussy on the other! when we cum, we both shoot enormous loads of hot gooey cum inside her, and she cums too, adding her pussy cum to ours. we shoot so much it drips from her hot pussy onto the floor, and stew greedily licks it all up from her hot hole and our still-stiff dicks!

    • Rick September 22, 2011

      One of my hottest memories about when I hooked up with the teen friend is that I matured earlier than he. He had never cum before and I sucked his cock and got his first 3 loads on the same blow job. He didn't make me stop when he came and I just kept on sucking. The quantity of cum was low, but it was so hot. I loved it!

    • like sex May 10, 2011

      I did it again once in a video peep show, it was little cabin in a basement so each had a tv remote a seat and a box of kleenex so normally your door is lock so one time a guy knock at my door so I stop my xxx movie and unlock and the guy was asking if I had an extra box of kleenex and in fact yes I had one maybe it was him who take it off his cabin to put in mine to introduce himself so nevermind I gave it to him I he left to his cabin but I didn't locked my door so I restart the movie and start jerking off on the movie and pretty soon I heard a skeak because he just open the door so I had him standing just behind me and me having my cock standing out of my short jerking myself so I didn't stop cause I tough at first that he just want jerk himself while I'm doing the same but no he just asked me if I want a massage so just said why not so he started jerking my cock but not even thirty second after he was already sucking my cock and pushing his cock towards me so I could uck him to so I did but it whent fast very fast cause he cum right away on my shoulder and stomach (t-shirt) so he was so sorry but he finished me by jerking me was kind a bizarre but was nice doing it with a pure stranger without any name or nothing we came and we left

    • jason p October 21, 2011

      during a 3sum with my best friend the girls say they are done unless we suck each others cocks but little do the girls know that we have sucked each other off many times so we give in and do it in front of them and we also told them we have done it in the past, it drove them nuts

    • ralph October 23, 2011

      Wow! Want to see the movie between Jayson and Bi Guy and their wives! Hope to find it soon. Sounds so hot! As good as the fllick.

    • Jaysun September 16, 2011

      Hey, question for much cum can you all shoot out in a typical orgasm?? Like how many nice thick streams can you pump out?? Just trying to imagine how much cum you'd be pumping in my mouth or in my wife's pussy or all over her big chest!!

    • Stew September 19, 2011

      Have a massive load in my balls waiting for you and your wife Jaysun.....after reading your hot blogs - you, Bryan, Biguy - all get my cock rock hard, wet and primed for to suck on her tits and pump my cock through them while your rimming my hole...spread m arse cheeks wide and ram me with your cock head - thrust into your wife's hot wet pussy and pump me harder - then let's bring the other guys into the action - Bryan, Biguy - you ready to give me your cocks to suck on while I'm fucking Jaysun's wife and being pumped with his rod?.......come on dudes let's shoot and give Jaysun all the cum he can handle!

    • Biguy September 22, 2011

      Jaysun, if I'm really turned on and have been edging for a long time, maybe 7 or 8! And I love to jack off for an appreciative audience - I'll shoot my big load anywhere you want! I'd love to shoot all over your wife's big tits, on her shaved pussy or suckable puckered asshole, or all over your rigid cock and balls! Stew, welcome, you'll fit right in (in more ways than one!) Bryan, what do you say, shall we have Stew take us both in his mouth? I've always loved the feel of your big cockhead rubbing against mine!

    • bryan September 23, 2011

      Biguy- Yeah, lets put our cocks together in Stew's mouth, then together and double fuck my wife ( or the other way around and cum in Stew's mouth).

    • biguy October 11, 2011

      Stew, fuck yah, i'm cumming, imagining your huge swollen dick head blasting beautiful hot cum all over our faces and into our open mouths!

    • bryan September 27, 2011

      biguy- Sounds hot! My wife will love your hard dick(She seems to love hard dicks in general).

    • Jaysun September 29, 2011

      DAMN!!! That's a hot idea.............Bryan, you think your wife would mind if I fucked her after you two did, adding yet another load in her pussy??? I'd love to fuck your wife with her tight hole already oozing with cum. Then I'd add another huge load so it would just be pouring out of her!!! Although, I think my wife would get jealous.........I think we'd all have to fuck her the next day!

    • Stew September 30, 2011

      Use me as your little cum sucker guys - all fucking bryan's hot wife and filling her with your cum loads get her primed and ready to straddle my face and ooze it all out over me - I wanna suck and drink in your hot creamy lava - my cock's burning to cum too then - while I suck on bryan's wife's sticky, juicy pussy flaps - the three of you take turns in tugging my cock - licking the head and sucking my swollen balls - after your wife is spent - I'm standing over the three of you - rubbing my massive throbbing knob over your faces - Bryan, jay sun, Biguy - you ready to take my huge load over your faces and chests?

    • Rick September 15, 2011

      Sounds like fun, count me in!

    • Shy girl October 1, 2011

      How do u find ppl like this? In a small town

    • bryan September 30, 2011

      Stew- I want your huge load directed at my open mouth. Jaysun- I would LOVE to watch you fuck my wife. When you fuck her from behind, I wanna crawl under and lick you both.

    • R2 October 10, 2011

      Anyone want to lick the knucklechildren off my hand? Great video. @Shy girl move to my small town;)

    • RS October 19, 2011

      what if i am deep inside her ass while this guy gets behind me and guides his dick into my ass? Wowzer! would come instantly

    • Rick September 13, 2011

      Bryan, I had a friend when I was a teen and we sucked each other off, but this is the first since then. I think I was good. And yes, I would love to do it again. My wife and I swing with another couple right now and I have eaten her cream pie in front of him, but have been afraid to try to suck him...He may not be the type.

    • bryan August 19, 2011

      Upload- know what you mean. Those two KEEP me hard.

    • top84albert August 20, 2011

      love to fuck another mans wife in front of him, make out with her, then have him on all fours and pentrate him in the ass, ohhhhhhh heaven

    • cwizzle August 26, 2011

      dont worry biguy i will lick ur ass nice and gently and play with ur ass before i stick my throbbing cock in there. ill do as u want with ur hard cock too, jerking u off as i penetrate ur asshole. ur wife can join in and sit on my face then my cock

    • Jaysun August 30, 2011

      CWizzle......come join in the fun!! Do you want to fuck my busty wife?? Just eat her pussy and then fuck her and my cock will be so hard watching...then my cock is yours!!! @Top84...I'd love to watch you fuck my wife in front of me. I'd love to see her spread her legs apart for you as an open invitation to her wet pussy!

    • | Upload bi_guy_in_nj August 17, 2011

      Reading about Biguy & Jaysun is almost as hot as the video.... I am so fuckin hard right now.

    • biguy August 11, 2011

      ok cwizzle, but to put your cock up my virgin ass you have to rim me first!

    • biguy July 23, 2011

      Pmark - we're always ready for a good time like that, especially with wet pussies and nice stiff cocks on the menu!

    • k August 1, 2011


    • cwizzle August 6, 2011

      bigguy give me a chance to get ur biguy standing up straight and ready to explode. ill deepthroat that thing till u put it in my ass. then ill turn things around and give it to u in the ass while jerking u off and licking ur wifes clit. we'll all cum together and it will be awesome

    • charlie-roma August 10, 2011

      bellissimo video.... possibile che qui in italia non sia possibile replicare in meglio? Nessuno/a interessati/o/a? A Roma, grande porcone...

    • cwizzle September 1, 2011

      yes jaysun. i would love to give it to ur wife in every hole and every position with watching and jerking off as she is moaning. its my dream to b the xtra meat in a 3som and promise to not disappoint. ill grab ahold of ur cock as im banging ur wife and take that thing all the way down my throat. hopefully u live close to me in ma and i will make these thiings come thru for us!!!

    • Jaysun September 2, 2011

      CWizzle, I'd love to be stroking my cock while you were fucking her and making her scream in pleasure! But yea, I'd let you deep thorat me while you were banging her pussy and we could both enjoy the view of her big tits bouncing around as well! Then I want you to fill her pussy with all your hot cum so I can lick her pussy after and suck up all your cum. Then I will cum in your mouth and flood it!!

    • bryan September 8, 2011

      Rick- So was that the first cock you sucked? Were you good? Do have the urge to do it again?

    • Lol November 7, 2011


    • bryan September 13, 2011

      Rick- We should try a triple date. You can feel free to suck my cock. I will return the favor, and by then the other guy would probably catch on. If not, at least we have both gotten a chance to suck cock.

    • cwizzle September 14, 2011

      hey rick and bryan i would love to join in with ur fun. ill be the xtra guy in the mix seeing as i am not married and not lucky enough to have a girl that would swing like this. ill suck both of u off and hope u will let me have a try at both ur wives. believe me u will all like my hard cock as it has nice girth to it. ill take a cock in the mouth like a champ even though it will be my first time ive been dying to try it!!!!!! some one please give me a cock to suck on and i will in turn give u mine plus a nice hot load to shooy where ever u want me too

    • Rick September 5, 2011

      I told my wife several years ago that I thought it would be hot to watch her have sex with another guy. She started communicating with a guy online who lived out of state. He ended coming to our area for his job and we all got together. He had a pretty big cock and fucked her brains out. After he came in her pussy, she told me to lay down and she sat on my face and told me to clean her up. After doing that, the guy stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked him off, it was sooo hot! As it turned out, he was married and his wife found out so we won't be getting together anymore.

    • Jaysun September 4, 2011

      Great idea cwizzle, it would be fun to get both our hard cocks into my wife's pussy! That would be so hot to double penetrate her vagina! I bet it would be tight at first but as we get both our cocks in inch by inch she will eventually loosen up to accomodate us then we can really give it to her!!!! I bet she would love a fucking like that, two cocks pounding away at her pussy!! And yes, I'd love to take your big cock in my rear and have you spray her D cup tits with your huge load!!!

    • cwizzle September 3, 2011

      ok that sounds hot jaysun. i think i would enjoy us both DPing ur wife. maybe we can get both of our hard cocks in her pussy at the same time. the thought of my throbbing cock against urs as weboth penetrate ur wife at the same time has got me rock hard right now. after we do that for a while its my turn to give it to u in the ass. ur wife can be sucking ur cock as i ease into ur ass gently as i am eating her out at the same time. ill suck on her big bouncing tits and drop my load on those tits after i pull out of ur ass. u cam lick the cum off her chest while i finish off ur cock or u release into my virgin ass. that sound like fun

    • cwizzle September 3, 2011

      i am a 29 yo fit young man with a 7 inch cock that is also 6 inches around. i think i would fit perfect in a married couples dream. id love to pleasure u both with my magic stick

    • nigel September 4, 2011

      why don't people admit they are bi?

    • bryan September 14, 2011

      cwizzle- sounds great. Double or triple date- either would be a little better with another hard cock and a dude that is 'up' for anything. My wife and I will make out, and you can shove you cock between our lips when you cum.

    • WOW January 21, 2012

      Look at that ass at 16:11! So hot!

    • jon July 18, 2013

      blonde on the right loves watching the guy suck cock. I want to join her

    • Horny house wife March 5, 2014

      I would love to get together with another couple. Me and my hubby been with other women but I would love for us to be with another man

    • cityboy May 23, 2014

      that is so sweet wat a way to have sex

    • killerbee0420 June 5, 2014

      i like to get in

    • alex July 1, 2013

      qu'elle est le nom de la fille?

    • GOOD FUCK February 15, 2013


    • Andrea November 12, 2012

      A me piacerebbe provare. Andrea

    • D cal January 17, 2013

      Holy shit that's I'm um good

    • Keen2Try January 31, 2013

      Very nice, the dark haired girl is one of the sexiest woman I have seen in ages!

    • suckesh July 4, 2014

      good sex hmmm

    • dennis August 10, 2014

      My wife and have had 4 guys join several times and I suck cocks too but now I want more women involved,eat pussy and suck cock,4 guys doesn'give that pussy a break.

    • bi July 6, 2015

      love to have bi with my wife both ways omg

    • Lanz July 20, 2015

      Its very nice

    • josenuevo July 24, 2015

      delicioso !!!!!!!!!

    • Gavin May 31, 2015

      This is what I call an orgy, wish I was there

    • juegodesexo March 26, 2015

      Ufff, yomi.

    • Sinclair October 26, 2014

      I love this video link feel like to have sex lol l want a sweet pussy like that. Do you know where to find one like that

    • Joe November 5, 2014

      Dam I suck many dicks for ANN!

    • jesusdinero December 26, 2014

      I wanna do this sooner than later! WOW!

    • bucky September 3, 2012

      Toatal wate of two beautiful girls. To much sucking, not enough fucking. The sandy blonde at one time was left completely out, and looked totally bored as well she should have. The guys were more into each other than the were the girls. They didn't even have much cum to shoot on those two beauiful pair of tits. If you want to see a really HOT Bi couple video watch College Coeds share their partners. Now that will make you hard and stay hard all the way thru. This had me limp and kept me limp all the way thru. Thumps up for the girls, thumps down for the guys.

    • Marianna August 28, 2012

      Il biondino niente male

    • Oral&NastyBiGuy January 24, 2012

      All 4 of them are so fucking gorgeous and look delicious...I would love to suck on both of those nice big cocks, at the same time, while teasing those beautiful What a turn on!!

    • WholeFNshow January 25, 2012

      Great movie, gorgeous women. Anyone know who the female with the dirty blond hair is... she's beautiful!

    • so what February 5, 2012

      you're right bingo, very hot!!!!!!

    • WholeFNshow February 14, 2012

      The dirty blond is Dara Lee, The slimmer blonder girl is Cindy Dollar and the blond guy calls himself Lucky Smile. It comes from a few different movies including 'Bisexual 4Somes 5'. Hope this helps. Theres not too much of Dara around but she does do a few anal scenes that arent half bad plus shes in Bimaxx 25. She is stunning tho!!

    • Matt January 23, 2012

      Anyone knows the name of the movie where this video comes from? I would love to download the whole thing.

    • biguy June 24, 2011

      16.23 - my cock in her pussy - my tongue up his ass!

    • Efrin December 17, 2011

      ralph you sound like my kind of guy, hot, horny and a cock lover

    • Kaydpee December 28, 2011

      Anyone know of a place in London where I can suck a cock with my wife?!? I so want to try after watching this.

    • jace January 7, 2012

      the str8 dude in this is HOT, who is he

    • cocklover February 23, 2012

      wow you're right, love stroking to his hot ass at 16:11!

    • urluvver96 March 3, 2012

      i want tht

    • Bi curious August 1, 2012

      I so want to suck a big hard cock right now and take one up the arse

    • Big Chjef August 15, 2012

      @bi curious I will gladly let you suck on my big hard cock and fuck your arse but will you return the favour ? I love the feeling of a big cock in my arse not to mention the taste of a hot load of cum spashing all over my tongue.

    • TOMASITO August 22, 2012


    • pornisfun4me July 28, 2012

      love this suff

    • drs66 June 23, 2012

      I love girl with darker hair. Who is SHE???

    • (B)ilikeit March 17, 2012

      i already loved and was jealous, but since 30.45 i really wanted to come in

    • BiBiLove June 11, 2012

      Gorgeous, gorgeous women. I'd like to fuck them. Then I'd like to lie on my back between their naked bodies while a hot guy gets on top of me and fucks me like the gorgeous woman that I can be . I am all man and all woman. This video make me feal like both. great feeling!

    • ify June 21, 2012

      that's how foursomes should be, everyone enjoying pussy and cock

    • me November 18, 2011

      good to watch wish i had been there pitty about the moanning a big bit over the top

    • hayri June 15, 2011

      very sexy I like that

    • InBiTween November 22, 2010

      biguy... now you're talkin' my language!

    • InBiTween December 9, 2010

      I said it before, and I'll say it again - Love the video great to have four bodies all enjoying each other, love to find a couple to have fun with like this, If You haven't had fun like this you have to give it a try. Great having four lusty bodies having fun not worried about who is pleasing who. I'd suck or fuck any of them... guy or gal.

    • mr bi December 25, 2010

      i would love to suck and swallow the cum out of all of them till they are dry, both guys and girls hot warm cum flowing down the back of my throat mmm

    • John John December 28, 2010

      Great pussys and dicks. I want to eat all four of them, and take their juices also. Great bi video.

    • The Man November 21, 2010

      Bi is best. Love to lick a nice cock as it goes in and out of a pussy.

    • biguy November 21, 2010

      cazzo ke fighe cane di sboro io mi masturbo!!!!!!!!

    • InBiTween November 12, 2010

      Love the video great to have four bodies all enjoying each other, love to find a couple to have fun with like this, If You haven't had fun like this you have to give it a try. Great having four lusty bodies having fun not worried about who is pleasing who. I'd suck or fuck any of them... guy or gal.

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