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Arabic Sex

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    • not arab September 21, 2011

      shes beautiful and all , but i dnt think shes arab shes rather latina if not paki or indian!

    • Efrin October 3, 2011

      If a girl is pretty and sexy it is of no interest to me were they come from. Girls are girls, sex is sex. Multi racial and multi sexual with multi talents to make everyone happy is all that we need to know.

    • Admini September 26, 2011

      Yea, youre right, on 12.50mins, guys speaks portugese to her. Theyre both Brazilian, note the typical brazilian tan lines she boasts. Easy to mistake, had many of my friends mistake these girls when I get them too as they host a lot of mixed races in brazil. They just love to fuck though!!

    • asd September 16, 2011

      great arab girls by the way on red lanterns have arabic girls if somebody want

    • sahil August 30, 2011

      nice fuck

    • Nadorria August 8, 2011

      I need some hard berber sex this made me sooo horny

    • sexmaster September 7, 2011

      good video

    • rajandeep August 10, 2011

      want to fuck her

    • saidlich September 8, 2011


    • Gregory September 10, 2011

      I suppose some are in Youporn for pursuing agenda not watching porn! I mean why when the video titles says f.e. "Russian" nobody comes and say "it is not Russiam" or "she is not russian"! Let's go back to this horny Arab chick! Note: no guy can trully hate a people if he gets horny with their women!!!!;)

    • dsaf November 12, 2011

      I system got formatted I again downloaded this video easy to stand up after watching this.

    • =( August 2, 2011

      damn i miss my habibi!

    • fucker March 18, 2011

      she is Indian because when see related videos there is one India big tits and they are same

    • Ariel Paola March 10, 2011

      She aint Arabic, Indian or Pakistani. She is from Brazil and her Name is ARIEL PAOLA

    • koppadjl February 23, 2011


    • mustafa February 19, 2011


    • wow April 2, 2011

      amazing actress

    • ali baba April 3, 2011


    • dsafd June 17, 2011

      what is her name?

    • Gaza June 7, 2011

      That's what Hammas does when they are not making war lol

    • xxx April 17, 2011

      want to fuck her ...

    • lopez April 13, 2011

      is interesting ....

    • fff November 16, 2011

      they're brazillian. i understand the language

    • alifang December 5, 2011

      very good :D-

    • ScemoPagliaccio October 13, 2012

      She's just..incredible

    • Barbara October 10, 2012

      Nice woman, nice fucking, need hair on your pussy baby you'll get more fucking. Good to see you taking a big cock.the bigger the better.

    • ikea October 8, 2012

      hollanda agree girl

    • brasil August 4, 2012

      They speak brazilian portuguese!! Arab women are also very hot, but we have the best girls in the world who simply love to fuck!

    • Lol December 21, 2012


    • t(-_-z) February 28, 2013

      She is not ARABIC she is INDIAN t(-_-t)

    • Zebi September 18, 2013

      Fuck you

    • Brazilian Girl June 10, 2013

      LoL....Not is arabic , not is indian,,,She's brazilian

    • Raymond April 22, 2013

      Both of them are Indian Origin... Currently settled in US and funny thing is I know them.... seriously know them

    • wank March 2, 2013


    • nikkkey July 20, 2012

      i am going to have sex with a arab

    • Saphiraa July 4, 2012

      she is indian

    • dafs March 27, 2012

      love the jiggle in her tits

    • Dofus March 14, 2012

      Luv arab Bitchs!

    • kambari December 14, 2011

      allez les gars laisse tomber vos jugements qu elles soit arabe ou juive ou europeenne regarder la bonne baise des ces qualitees de son corps elle est superbe repnder a mon commentaire si j ai bien raison ok..bonne soiree a tous et a toutes ..

    • This Is Great December 6, 2011

      Is it wrong I fantasied about an old friend watching this? She was arabic and HOT like this chick and watching this made me think of her

    • xxxxxxx March 31, 2012

      i agree dafs.....

    • Brazil April 7, 2012

      Aka paola brail actrees

    • Ninny June 27, 2012

      The same video is uploaded as "India Big Tits" at http://www.youporn.com/watch/55205/india-big-tits/?from=related3&al=2&from_id=55205&pos=2!!! You guys decide for yourselves.

    • xxx April 8, 2012

      she is indian.......

    • ossssssssss April 8, 2012

      I love her

    • Rick February 17, 2011

      They are Brazilian and my girlfriend comes from Brazil so totally wrong ai ai ai mmmmmmmmmmmmmm love that word if she cumes hard and loud loud

    • BRAZIL February 17, 2011

      loool this girld and the dude arent arab! they are brazilian, im poortuguese and i understand what they say.. the guys says, vai vai vai, means go go go, and she moans like a brazilian... and says some brazialian words... like caralho, thats means more or less fuckk... so youare all wrogn xD

    • bekir58 July 20, 2010

      not arabic sex;priya rai,indian girl

    • mhhhhhhhhhh July 13, 2010

      my dick was harder then stell

    • me July 10, 2010

      she is a call girl from the uk

    • segaiolo July 3, 2010

      ho perso il conto di quante seghe mi sono fatto con questo video...

    • jeny August 5, 2010

      oh shit,im a girl and i like her boobs shes so freakin hot thats so weird i like i want to sleep with her lol

    • ejaculation August 11, 2010

      17 minuets and 17 comments

    • saraf September 21, 2010

      very very nice

    • sexyman September 7, 2010

      this movie is aired as indian tits with rating 4.51

    • Name? September 5, 2010

      What's the name of this girl?

    • minou September 2, 2010

      zeb zeb zeb heta lesbah

    • hoho July 2, 2010

      her pussy is so fucking delicious

    • cute June 29, 2010

      greaaaat seeeeex

    • qwerty June 11, 2010

      yeeeeehaaaaaaaa.....nice nice nice

    • French girl June 7, 2010

      hummmmmm me too :p

    • HornyHen June 7, 2010

      I've finger fucked myself so many times watching this. It makes me drool.

    • cic June 3, 2010

      me too :-)

    • alwayshorny June 15, 2010

      I always wanna be with her...on her boobs, her pussy..anywhere mwaaah

    • allbermy June 19, 2010

      that pussy looks so juicy

    • Al-arro June 28, 2010

      well who cares where is from ? what matters i s that she is BLEEPING hot !! HAHAHA

    • hornydude June 27, 2010

      dumbshit, she's from dubaii or someshit like that in the middle east

    • Adilhawk June 22, 2010

      She is not an Arab, rather She is INDIAN or Pakistani

    • jnd September 23, 2010

      she is indian

    • haram September 24, 2010


    • fuckin high January 24, 2011

      oohh aaahh ohh and it goes directly in her mouth..

    • LOLA January 15, 2011

      NICE AND HOT!!

    • ..::TeAm DiGiT::.. December 30, 2010

      Nice Indian Busty Girl !

    • trymi1 December 29, 2010

      wtf she's indian chick :)

    • pierre January 27, 2011

      not sharp, trouble mouvie

    • fucker February 6, 2011

      wat her name please ?

    • mustafa February 16, 2011

      she is arab girl I know her... :(

    • Wow.. February 14, 2011

      I just came all over the bathroom floor. Wish it was over her, but oh well.

    • Pork February 13, 2011

      Really... #1 video on youporn !

    • suze February 9, 2011

      im so horny ... i wish anybody could fuck me like he does

    • Baal December 29, 2010

      she's Brazilian, not arab

    • hi December 16, 2010

      why could the hairy man fuck her ? and im not ?

    • nice October 29, 2010

      i cummed everywhere from this video, love her ass id lick her ass hole

    • grrr October 28, 2010


    • italian October 11, 2010

      this video is absoltely amazing fantastic

    • Dan September 29, 2010

      she is called wijdan el guareh

    • Bomb_Shell November 13, 2010

      I wanna get fucked like that

    • jara jee November 17, 2010

      its very nice video.i like it

    • Rock December 10, 2010

      She is Indian, very juicy.

    • ryu amakusa December 9, 2010

      the guy is so hot. his cock is so hard and big i wanna suck it.

    • Full_Pleasure12 December 8, 2010

      Thats wht called a performance.. Indian Gals Rocks..!!

    • Antonio Landa May 31, 2010

      This is my #1 video on youporn.

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