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the best squirt

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June 27, 2007
Par: Utilisateur anonyme
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    • australian90 August 16, 2014

      Love his face expressions when she cums for the 1st time

    • . January 10, 2013

      How intense I'm fingering myself to this

    • SexDrugsandDick November 10, 2011

      He's sexy. She's hot. Great sex. Great squirt. Just wow.

    • jun el gato November 3, 2011

      I like that pussy...................................!!!!

    • hornybrasilian September 17, 2011

      I want him to cum all over my face. so sexy man !

    • sophia December 14, 2011

      that guy is soooo hot in love :P shes great i like her too

    • pwew December 18, 2011

      whats the guys name... god he is crazily hot... love his hair

    • Hard November 5, 2011

      Any woman can squirt. I made a girl squirt like crazy who never squirted before. It's possible and it's extremely hot

    • bigboy September 20, 2011

      he must a champ haha

    • Jackmehoff December 24, 2011

      That was awesome! God save the Queen!

    • Cynthia!!! September 20, 2011

      kien es el?????????????? me encanto

    • ohmy. October 22, 2011

      Omg , I love his bodyyy . & i love his face when she squirts ..HAHAH! he's good :)

    • Nezsterbator January 7, 2012

      Gotta Love Cytheria (NOT sasha grey) and gotta love the guy too cuz he's HOT. I've seen her fuck some ugly dudes but this guys is one of the hottest. Plus his face at 3:07 is what makes this video special, otherwise it is just another Cytheria squirting video (which are all awesome in themselves). Obviously he had never been with a squirter before and just so happens.... his first time is with the current Miss Squirting Universe (I'm pretty sure that isn't a real title) but damn the guy should have bought a lottery ticket. Sadly, it's all downhill for him now...I doubt he will ever top that experience. I wonder what he thought about it after he got over the initial looked like it turned him on. If your prepare before hand, it can be great, but I can imagine it becomes a problem on the fly. I wouldn't want pussy juice all over my furniture (unless it was protected in plastic, but how sexy is that?) and I would hate to fuck in the bath tub or shower every time. Unfortunately (or luckily depending on the situation), I haven't ever been able to squirt before so this debate is moot. I still wish I could squirt or at the very least have a body shaking orgasm...I would gladly ruin a few couches or switch out the carpet for hard wood for the experience. I'm rambling again.....sorry.

    • Jim March 19, 2012

      Dam wish i could make my wife do this. I had her do this once and would love to see her do this again so anyone can give some advice

    • lucky7 March 27, 2012

      my girlfriend is a squirter and I love it.When she comes she squeezes me right out of her pussy and squirts hot pussy juice all over the place.It is Not PIss!I feel really lucky,got me a squirter!

    • bullenspilsnerkorv March 28, 2012

      3.08 he's like *wtf O_o* 4.08 mindfuck :O

    • Loona March 30, 2012

      Whats the Name of this sexy guy ?

    • goops March 10, 2012

      wow, of all the porn ive watched, and man. this is one of the best porn ever. . . goes to both of em(i kinda laugh to, if you watch that guy's face, he kinda look surprice wen she first squirt)(to her= i like that part that she kinda hump that chair there for a lil bit on the second time she squirts, an i can tell that she knows how to have sex, like that part that she first got on the chair, she wet down herself) i like to fuk a chick like that. . . i dont have to do all the work. . . other then that nice move guys. . .

    • lol February 26, 2012

      i love the girls who sguirt.....

    • Nothing too serious... September 13, 2011

      Myself and my quarter-ton dick with a 55in. plasma tv and 4 15in. subwoofers attached to it would very much like to buy her dinner and maybe a movie, before taking her back to my place and... reading some poetry; you know, take it slow, nothing too serious... ;)

    • Victoria January 15, 2012

      I love to squirt all over my mans face while he's eating my pussy. It's not pee for those who have never experienced it then you're missing out. It only happens when I cum really hard.

    • ify February 11, 2012

      Oh Victoria your man is one lucky fucker

    • me ^^ February 18, 2012

      At 3:08 the guy is like "what the fuck?..ok! let's try it again" :D

    • 80880 UK January 5, 2012

      I love this girl! I have been rock hard throughout all the videos of her YouPorn has to offer. Must go and finish myself off. Where is she when you really need her?

    • LoveStuffed August 30, 2011

      I squirt and its awesome my boyfriend loves it. its not pee and this vid is awesome props to cytheria. ! you rock girl!

    • lola June 22, 2011

      muy intenso

    • anne June 24, 2011

      a guy who can make a lady squirt, IS A GOD OF LOVE!! :D

    • Dean June 27, 2011

      Is a squirt just pee from a girl?

    • kamikase July 3, 2011

      can she creampie in her pussy?

    • THE MAN (actually a girl) June 10, 2011

      WHAT IS HIS NAME?!!?

    • Mannnnn June 9, 2011

      I love 2:55

    • lawl May 19, 2011

      his reaction the first time she cums is the best lol!

    • chilean hot May 30, 2011

      goza perfecto, lo chupa rico, le gusta la leche... la mina perfecta...

    • oi June 1, 2011

      why didnt he drink it? seems a waste

    • theo June 8, 2011

    • Jim July 12, 2011

      I love when lady squrit like this and would love to get my wife to due that again

    • Cis July 14, 2011

      What's exactly the name of that guy?

    • Well endowed August 20, 2011

      My 10 foot flag pole of a wang wants to take her to dinner at a nice restaurant and buy her a vase of flowers before taking her for a walk along the beach during the sunset.

    • Damn August 23, 2011

      The guy's attractive too. I always enjoy Cytheria videos but I like the guy too. His reaction is pretty hilarious.

    • ladygusher August 27, 2011

      lol@ Hunt Azazel

    • hoofhearted May 24, 2012

      i wish i could find a girl who squirts this chick in this vid is amazing!!!!!!!!

    • Chia August 18, 2011 is not urin...some people here are very stupid,i think you must google g-spot and squirt...stipid people and here..i do this too.....don`t talk if you don`t know anything ok

    • bestpussy August 13, 2011

      She peed. nice HOT YELLOW STREAM OF PISS. She flexed her abs while she was cumming and pissed. You ppl call it "squirting." Call it what you want..but it's urine.

    • L.D.S July 15, 2011

      My ten hundred inch penis is dying for her.

    • hey July 19, 2011

      sexworshiper you say your 12 inches...i bet 12 millimeters.

    • upstage July 24, 2011

      damm my 112.5 inch cock wants a piece of her

    • EbonyLovesIvory August 8, 2011

      Dam who is the guy. He is gorgeous and his face is priceless at 3:07. She looks like she is going to die. Im a squirter but I hope I don't look like im going to die when I do it. LOL love Cytheria though.

    • titnumom September 4, 2011

      cytheria squirting queen,

    • hope that's not rental furniture June 13, 2012

      that leopard print ottoman is gonna be hard to replace...

    • Big cock January 4, 2014

      I want to fuck someone! Anyone want to be fucked by a big dick?

    • pussy lover January 27, 2014

      :D love that pussy!

    • Karl170195 February 16, 2014

      Tiana Lynn I Wanna Bang You !

    • Sabrina February 24, 2014

      My pussy is so wet. Who can fuck me hard and make me squirt?

    • Big Cat Daddy August 21, 2013

      There's a reason there are over 17 million views....

    • Anon August 12, 2013

      I want to fuck her so hard. I'm a girl.

    • Squirt June 25, 2013

      Is there a special way to make a girl cum? I really wanna learn how but my man can't seem to find it.. :( Any advise??

    • wardzz July 2, 2013

      WAOW this girl is best in the squirt and sex... I LOVE CYTHERIA

    • Ivan July 21, 2013

      Sasha you are lovely

    • ManilaBoy August 4, 2013

      Whats the name of the guy pleaseee. Hes so hot.

    • his girl March 22, 2014


    • foxysue69 May 21, 2014

      I'm so wet now!! Cytheria is awesome!!!!

    • sweetkisses25 February 19, 2015

      Her first squirt was pee you could see it was yellow when it came out squirting is supposed to be clear

    • er May 8, 2015

      Large dick ready!

    • bogue sounder May 16, 2015

      i like it

    • emon May 21, 2015

      wow!! i want to fuck her

    • uyu October 21, 2014


    • GG September 18, 2014

      who wants to squirt by a big dick

    • sexy May 31, 2014

      im not even a lesbian but i find this sexy

    • Havoc June 1, 2014

      I squirted right with her the second time

    • x June 28, 2014

      me and my friend need a big cock thatll make us both squirt

    • i love cytheria August 11, 2014

      I love her videos!

    • i will make you squirt like this. June 12, 2013

      yep best squirt ever!

    • eve June 7, 2013

      von ihr würde ich mir gerne mal in meinen mund spritzen lassen,lecker

    • hornygurl August 6, 2012

      holy shit.. i wish somebody would make me squirt like that

    • pitabita August 10, 2012

      this is a good girl for squirting on

    • nice August 10, 2012

      @ hornygurl ill help you out

    • do anything for women, cj September 21, 2012

      if i had a squirter again she could have her juice everywhere it would only make things better, fuck frebreeze, i love everthing about women,they are goddessess. love love love to make they cum HARD anytime they want it..but i have found my self lone struck loner.....sux, without the sucking...... I.L.W.F

    • female July 2, 2012

      It is not urine! I heard some researchers actually did a study to and it was proven that lady cum is not urine. I have squirted a couple times with my boyfriend but usually I squirt when I am masturbating by myself. That is the best orgasm a girl can have when she squirts.

    • lana July 2, 2012

      she is hooooot as hell! if i had a dick i would fuck her all night long! im so wet right know gotta call my boyfriend to come over !!!

    • El willy May 16, 2011

      Minute 3:07 look his face AHAHA

    • That chair is fucked June 18, 2012

      Any woman can squirt just gotta find that g-spot bro!

    • me June 26, 2012

      dude the music makes it way too tragic

    • FuckGod July 2, 2012

      the guy was enjoying it my big dick got hard

    • dollarbill September 21, 2012

      Squirters are all that! I love it when a woman cums so I feel like my job is getting done.

    • mr.A October 20, 2012

      yeap best squirt.hehehe

    • Christian February 5, 2013

      Na toll, auf die Tastatur gespritzt :D

    • wow March 3, 2013

      Chains and whips excite her

    • wow April 9, 2013

      god DAMN this girl is fine

    • :D May 25, 2013

      Love that guy he is so hot :)

    • chicahot January 25, 2013

      Yo quiero q el me coja igual, donde puedo encontrarlo?????????? quiero todoo con el, ven a cojerme rico

    • Wow December 31, 2012


    • SexyAngel November 19, 2012

      Squirted for the first time last night. it was the best feeling during sexIve ever had.

    • oh yeah, November 21, 2012

      oh yeah

    • Yorck December 1, 2012

      Best fuck 4 Ever like her pussy

    • 3rd life May 26, 2012

      that was nice, really nice.

    • cazzo May 16, 2011

      What is the name of this girl?

    • ... July 31, 2010

      that isn't piss... don't you know what squirting is???

    • Lol August 3, 2010

      Loool. :D look at 3:07 on the man xD wtf look :D

    • eden August 5, 2010

      that dude has a funny looking cock.

    • alina August 7, 2010

      lovely...just squirted the other day while having several fantastic orgasms and my bf was so surprised about how much came out...mmmh

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