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Obedient wife mouth fuck and facial

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April 17, 2010
Par: Cum On Wives
Video Description: Obedient wife mouth fuck and facial

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    • jack September 18, 2012

      my wife likes to rub my dick on her face and lips too. not sure why -- doesn't do much for me. would rather have her sucking it.

    • you September 1, 2012

      reminds me of my days ridding my bike thru da trailor park when all da men was at work lol

    • wantittoo August 23, 2012

      longer and better soun d

    • JAGSWIN July 30, 2012

      that was ok, but not great. she needs to leave her hands down when he is cumming, and DUDE, I have 1 word for you...MAN-SCAPE!

    • Syn October 18, 2012

      If you have a big cock like this I would let ya mouthfuck me

    • Spleen December 7, 2012

      If you actually fucked her face it would be better.

    • Diana March 10, 2013

      Cum waves of sperm on us (=wives)! Don't stop boy, well done!

    • even December 21, 2012

      ohhh der würde ich auch gerne mal das face voll wixen

    • Mama December 15, 2012

      Cute boobs and lovely lips. His bush could use a trim.

    • Cclem July 16, 2012

      Sweet nipples!

    • 21 July 14, 2012

      That's... that's basically all I'm looking for, in a wife.

    • Sad March 3, 2012

      She has a fuckable mouth...but this guy i sjust jerking off with her face in camera. He should at least get her to suck his balls while he wanks it!

    • peter February 1, 2012

      that make fun

    • Martha January 20, 2012

      I like when she use his cock as a lipstick. I use to do it with my BF's

    • Bigspurt December 8, 2011

      I have a harry cock and I love it! That said I really like her move at 0.38 when she takes all she can of that big cock!

    • derp April 4, 2012

      one of my favorite internet porn vids. wouldn't mind being either of them.

    • Longdong May 12, 2012

      Yoyr wife must suck at sucking if you have to give yourself a handjob to come. If sh is really obedient then go deepthroat and post for all.

    • jerker July 11, 2012

      how the fuck do u expect me to jack off to thIs thumbs down bIotch

    • hk July 8, 2012

      she is a keeper

    • Pete July 6, 2012

      My wife loves to suck my cock my ball are shaved & the rest is trimed down to nothing once she starts sucking she does'nt stop until I come in her mouth these guys are always pulling on there cock let the girl suck you off

    • adjlasd June 28, 2013

      Fucking hot!

    • plinio July 6, 2013

      very good!!!

    • BD September 22, 2014


    • asdfsk September 9, 2014

      that girl is beautiful

    • Tad August 18, 2014

      Nice tits sweet mouth

    • Cocksoup June 20, 2014

      Shave your bush, dude. Pretty hot wife though!

    • tomenite October 4, 2014

      ragazzi! questo significa quando una moglie capisce e considera il proprio dona,per ricevere.non ci sono piu parole! di donne cosi penso ne siano rimaste poche....saranno tempi che cambiano ma sicuramente in peggio.

    • sudafrica October 30, 2014

      good thaks

    • Herman just a guy January 19, 2015

      She definitely did not want spunk squirted in her eyes yet it happen. Too much hand work ,let nature do the stimulating. Also guys shave or a least trim the hair.

    • Jim December 31, 2014

      I love when my wife does this to me. She give a great blow jobs and i love when i about to cum and she take it all her month. I love cumming in her moth because she drinks my cum

    • djeebee November 2, 2014

      i think it's the same girl as in 'totally perfect blowjob'??

    • the dude May 30, 2014

      how is she asking for cum on her face yet covers the whole thiing with her hands??!

    • longedforyou April 29, 2014

      good girl

    • Memyself&I September 22, 2013

      Why are people complaining about the lack of cum? Are they blind? Did the video stop? He fucking glazes her face like donut! This video is HHHHHOOOOOTTTTT!!!

    • DragonLily August 28, 2013

      She is very pretty but his hairy cock was nasty. Took away from the act, the hairy cock was very distracting.

    • franco July 16, 2013


    • old cuck November 26, 2013

      the way to keep from getting come in her eyes is to bury that cock to the balls down her throat when you come. at least that's the way my wife insists that they do it. my job is to watch and share the load with her when they finish with her.

    • lol69 December 31, 2013

      this young thing LOVESSSSS the cock...awesome vid.

    • oldgun April 9, 2014

      I think she's a lefty.

    • rememberme March 15, 2014

      WHERE does she live? hubby must go out sometime and if she got lonely or wanted to earn a new coat and handbag i've got the "bucks" [ don't know about the size of the cock ]

    • A young man March 1, 2014

      It was all tongue. I mean tongue is great, of course. But nothing elseQ 6.5 out of 10.

    • oldgun October 14, 2011

      when my wife says it's time for her to shave me-it's a prelude to a killer BJ ! shave shower BJ and a great fuck with her smooth pussy...

    • cocky September 28, 2011

      He probably doesn't cum much cos he fucks that bitch's mouth every night!

    • superman December 1, 2010

      nice cant blame gurl

    • ata November 6, 2010

      she is so cute

    • VIRUS October 30, 2010

      6 BONA......

    • hopeful October 24, 2010

      If only I could find other scenes with this girl...or other scenes like this one.(pov facefucking, obedience) Anyone know of any?

    • R2 December 9, 2010

      I loved how she used her hands at the end

    • Tina December 9, 2010

      Ok, he had a nice cock and a great cumshot. But, please, if a guy dropped his pants and I saw that jungle around his cock, I would have to hand him a razor and send him to the bathroom. I hate pubic hair! A cock does not have to be totally shaved, but at least trim it close. Guys, take it from me, cocks already look kinda funny, at least give it a neat trim. A neat trim makes a cock look neater and bigger too for that matter. And here is another hint, if you want more attention down there, shave your balls too. No girl wants a mouth full of hair, when she is trying to get a mouth full of cock or balls!

    • jack December 28, 2010

      she shouldmove her hands out of the way and not use them, and he needs to learn to face fuck her. DON'T pull out when you cum push in.

    • Alucard December 23, 2010

      Wow she really knows how to treat a cock well

    • Jealous December 13, 2010

      It is nice to know some wives really like their husbands. It gives us all hope.

    • CumFan October 13, 2010

      I would like to be either of them. He gets a great bj by a beautiful woman. She gets a nice cock and its cum in her mouth. Win win!

    • ich September 17, 2010


    • agini June 15, 2010

      This was a great cum video she was just beautiful

    • Swingin' Dick June 10, 2010

      Dude, putting the head of your dick in her mouth, then jacking off is NOT mouth fucking! It's just you jacking off! Why waste your cum on her face?? She loves to swallow MY cum!

    • BigD June 10, 2010

      I would CUM so much more than this guy, and I would make her swallow it!

    • mmm June 8, 2010

      she does look like a sweet wife

    • Handy Alex June 25, 2010

      Lucky guy..she is gorgeous..loved her tits also.but seriusly you should cum more,she'd like it.

    • waspler July 4, 2010

      She's so beautiful, and knows well how to please a man. This is one lucky guy, congrats on finding her!

    • xD September 5, 2010

      Dude, it's called a razor. Use it

    • Lolman August 11, 2010

      wow. that was good suck for such minimal cum lol fail

    • .. July 16, 2010

      learn to manscape fool..

    • yeah January 4, 2011

      you should have moved her "obedient" hands out of the cumshots goddamn way

    • XXX January 30, 2011

      HATE TO SEE HER cover her eyes at the end. weak. Oh, and jacking off with your cock in her mouth is not face fucking.

    • Bill 69 July 21, 2011

      Such a sweet little wifey. she does what hubby wants. sucks him to completion and reluctantly accepts his cumshot on her cute little face. Little wifey earning her keep.

    • Randy July 6, 2011

      On the comment of shaving, guys should try waxing. I've been waxing for several years and it helps with hygiene and drastically improves sensitivity. I use to shave but my wife complained that the regrowth was unpleasant and with waxing the hair returns with only weak thin ends. I shave my wife monthly and she prefers that approach to waxing but for me waxing is the way to go.

    • Jimbo June 29, 2011

      Lick the damn bottom, girl

    • Tina May 20, 2011

      @ cum Woohoo, she is a lucky girl. And not using your hands is as it should be. I would get so pissed if my bf had to jack off in order to cum while I was giving him a blowjob or a handjob. If he cant let me do it, he can just do it all himself. LOL.

    • Popper July 26, 2011


    • Nigabiga August 3, 2011

      Wat a great video

    • Dave September 5, 2011

      It has been said many times in this thread...shave!! I shave the cock, balls and ass. Much easier to keep clean and fresh. Get much better service with the "tween" area clean. Hell, I like to get my ass eaten and part of the process...dump a nice load and then make sure she can eat it all. BTW...VERY cute wife!!

    • 8" August 24, 2011

      Dude, Please take my advise. I'm 48 and have been getting GREAT Head for years cause I SHAVE. She would gladly lick and suck your balls if you did.

    • dan69 August 16, 2011

      damn... what a great looking wife. so cute. and its quite like a bonus perfect tits.

    • cum May 20, 2011

      Tina, my cock and balls are shaved for my wife. she really knows how to suck me off, i dont use my hands.

    • annon May 8, 2011

      i know her!!

    • mmkay March 5, 2011

      ok, posting that video was a wonderfull idea, I loved it... you know what else would be a greaaat idea? a pair of scisors, PLEASE!

    • thomas l5 male February 28, 2011

      his dick is so hot but he needs to shave lol and he wasted his cum on her shoot down my throat bb

    • Proposal February 4, 2011

      I would marry this girl even though she has a husband. I don't care. She could betray me with a thousand guys. I would let guys gangbang me just to fuck her. She is an angel.

    • hey March 9, 2011

      he doesnt feel much..hes cut.

    • lordorwell March 14, 2011

      obviously his 6th cum shot that day.

    • Tina May 4, 2011

      @ Dave Yes, it DOES make a huge difference. I love to suck my bfs cock and his balls too and believe me, if they were all hairy it would not happen much if at all. No girl wants a mouthful of hair when they are down there. I dont know too many guys that prefer a mouthful of hair when they go down on their gf either, right?

    • Dave April 21, 2011

      Above is a comment from Tina about shaving. I started doing it about 5 years ago and it makes a HUGE difference. What girl wants to go down on a jungle. I have been shaving all the way around and the balls get so much more attention and even the ass. Only way to go!! OH...and this little wife in this video did well on the facial....

    • harley March 30, 2011

      is this one of those guys from the geico commercial?

    • dionJ May 28, 2010

      the last time this guy shaved his pubes, it was 20th century! :D:D

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