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I fucked my wifes sister that was visiting us

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July 24, 2010
Par: Ex Wife
Stars Du Porno:
Video Description: I fucked my wifes sister that was visiting us

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    • Fk_You June 17, 2012

      Doing too much for the camera, honey.

    • jan May 1, 2012

      full vid

    • Niall July 18, 2011

      'who was visiting us' - Illiterate fuckwit.

    • slo mo March 26, 2012

      just another movie

    • enk January 30, 2012

      i too want mu sis in law to fuk like this

    • jim December 1, 2011

      I fucked a gf's sister while on college vacation during Thanksgiving. My gf went off with some of her other college gf's, and her sister came into the room and straddled me while I was still asleep. Since her sis was 19, I decided to give her a try. Both sisters very good.

    • elliot751 May 29, 2012

      She is Ginger Lea

    • Bombardier March 26, 2012

      My wife's sister is a better fuck than my wife ! She's hotter and better in bed.

    • Henry vanZ June 8, 2012

      This is Internet hookup with Canadian born Ginger Lea (1973) filmed from another angle. So 2 movies in one take

    • Pop August 19, 2012

      Is this the same fella that's in "A Behind of Beauty" and "MILF of All MILFS"? If it is then I'm disappointed; we thought that couple was the real deal.

    • more of her September 11, 2012

      Search for red head car fornication Im pretty sure it the same chick

    • Anon man August 3, 2012

      Lol she looks familiar

    • I Want This! August 2, 2012

      I wish I had someone to fuck!

    • aliyev311 October 20, 2011

      I fucked my wifes sister too

    • darkman July 29, 2012

      oh mane he's a fuckin porn almanac

    • butch June 8, 2012

      my sister inlaw caut me wearing her bra and panyies she made me jack off now she got a big strapon and fucks me hard she said im her slut i love it

    • jim August 22, 2011

      this would have been better if the wife walked in and caught them fucking...

    • my wife has only brothers February 25, 2011

      im sad

    • haha March 8, 2011

      She's faking

    • Kaven February 17, 2011

      My wife's sister would come down in the morning wearing her skimpy pj's exposing her firm ass and bald pussy when she bent over and always when my wife was gone.After the third time I went up behind her and started licking her clean shaven lips,she flinched and replied I was wondering when you'd notice me.I bent her over the kitchen table and started pounding her until I was ready to cum which she took in her mouth.We make this a daily thing when my wife goes to work and end up fucking 2or3 times a day.

    • Bill Clinton February 11, 2011

      Aww fuck yeah!!

    • hoiboijno January 26, 2011

      this is from another movie

    • dddd January 31, 2011

      NAME ??

    • haggy March 30, 2011

      holy shit this is my fucking wife

    • steve April 26, 2011

      ginger lea

    • Ken July 13, 2011

      Oh yeah,,this is real,.....NOT

    • Gdup September 13, 2012

      Her name is Sierra perry she used to live in Maine I dont know where she is now. I know this cuz she practiced and honed her craft on me for 4 years.

    • fuck u June 18, 2011


    • jorge June 15, 2011

      what's the name

    • KLee April 28, 2011

      Him fapping at the end turns me on

    • pablo April 28, 2011

      i'd feel bad for her sister...but if your sister is that hot...i'm sorry but you'd have to fuck her

    • Noah September 28, 2011

      She is annoying....could she be any more fake?

    • ping pong September 27, 2012

      man i'd fuck her too ! and if your mrs was anything like i'd give her one or two too while you were shagging her sister.

    • Hung7 July 23, 2014

      Why don't they film porn in the types of homes most people own? It would be more believable.

    • bob October 26, 2014

      i'd piss on her 1 love her face full of cum;)

    • Facial_lover October 29, 2014

      That's a star at taking a load on the chin.

    • zis lover July 12, 2014

      my sister in law will be visiting us next month

    • Jim July 6, 2014

      wish i could last that long. I would love to cum inside her

    • lucky guy April 2, 2014

      Last summer my wife's younger sister came to spend the week with us. The first night the girls stayed up talking and drinking as I went to bed. My Wife fell asleep on the couch and her sister came to the wrong bedroom.I did'nt know it was her till after we had sex and I had unloaded a huge wad deep inside her, she was on top the whole time. For two days nothing was said about it till we were alone as my wife works days and I work nights. My sister-in-law wanted to know if we had sex the other night. I told her the truth that I did'nt know it was her. To my surprise she wanted to have sex again this time sober. We started in 69 position then I fucked from behind which my wife never lets me do to her.My sister-in law insisted I come deep in side her as she liked the feel of my juices running down her leg all day. We had sex everyday the rest of the week. She also comes to visit more often..

    • DAT guy May 22, 2014

      lol she looks kinda like angelina jolie

    • Jim November 23, 2014

      I came home one day from work and notice a car in my drive way and i thought it was my wife little sister came to over to see her so i walk into the house notice she was there all by herself. I ask her were your sister at and she said she got called back to work. So i went on with my what i due every day after work. I went into the bath room and took a shower and got all clean up. I was walking back to the my bedroom i notice she was gone so i didn't think about and walk into my room and drop bath robe and next thing i know i hear a noise coming my are bed and i look and it was my wife sister and she what some of my cock so i let her look at it and she ask if i wouldn't mine her to suck on it so i walk over to bed and she suck on my cock for good two min then she got up and took her close off and she what me to due her so i laid on the bed and lick my figure and got her anal nice and wet and put her up on on four and put my 8 inch cock in her anal and fuck the shit out her and fill hr anal with my cum

    • Jim January 25, 2015

      I wish i had a my wife sister due this to me.

    • Admiral RamRod August 19, 2015

      Got me off, shit.

    • Jim August 22, 2015

      Hay Dawn if you watching this is what i what to due to you long time ago and i bet you like to get fuck by me sometime

    • macster June 1, 2015

      No Cum Swallow

    • Ramtough May 27, 2015

      She's OK. Could act sexier

    • Randy May 5, 2015


    • AniB May 14, 2015

      And she fucked her sister's husband.

    • Mr DEFresh March 15, 2014

      She's gorgeous but booorrrrinnnngggg.

    • Jim March 12, 2014

      Watching is make me so hard wish you was hear with me. I dream about older women like yourself and would love fill your wet pussy on my nice shaved cock. I would love cum on u or leave my cock in so i can cum inside you

    • Yourmomsbestfriend June 7, 2013

      uhhh.... would love to get my lun insider.

    • Wings June 8, 2013

      Her name is Ginger Lea

    • Joan May 26, 2013


    • morkO March 23, 2013

      howly crap she's an amazing milf!

    • historian October 31, 2012

      My ex's sister showed up in Aspen at a conference I was conducting and we fucked for a week. She was so wild. We went out and she was naked under her fur coat, The waiter kept asking her if she wanted to check it.. That was so weird but fun, My ex had no sex drive so her sister kept me happy, I suspect that my wife at the time knew it all along but didn't care as long as she didn't have t give head. Bummer!! Better to keep it in the family, Her sister had an outstanding body and tasted delicious. She was always ready to fuck and loved to give head. I married the wrong sister, I really wanted to do them both,, One night we did get my wife drunk and her sister gave her a kiss when she thought it was me,. She went down on her, We kept her drunk and fucked all evening,into the morning. She had such a hangover she did not remember what happened the night before, We did a lot of that since she was an easy drunk. I even had one of my nest friend show up one night for dinner and fucked her when she was drunk thinking it was me.. His wife was not a good fuck either. We got them drunk often and switched. One time he had a poker game with two other guys and me, He was serving wine but spiked his wife's with vodka and she wound up (one at a time thinking it was him) fucked us all. Her sister was a Much better fuck and even the thought of it made her want it. All I did was rub against her nipple(she wore no bra, very perky. didn't need one 34-C) and that would start her motor running. . She visited often. Once we went to dinner out of town again and she went under the table and gave me head when no one saw. The Table cloth at the booth hide her, WOW!

    • Joan February 17, 2013


    • fuckayou July 2, 2013

      what part of Wisconsin?

    • mhm July 15, 2013

      the cock of that guy she tooked into her ass was really smaller then the cock she sucked.

    • Fred January 26, 2014

      I fucked my wife's cousin Joyce, a going away party I told my wife I would walk her home to make sure she got home safe, her husband was working away Joyce knew the score and knew what was going to happen, she was all for it, she invited me in for a coffee then she said let's go to bed, she had a wonderful big pair of tits and a sweet pussy that I filled with my cum,

    • Joann February 18, 2014

      When I fucked my sisters hubby he would always wear a condom so I didn't get pregnant and then when we started having anal sex it was great cause I could let him blow his big wad inside my ass which felt so good leaking from my ass and down my legs

    • hahah December 1, 2013

      Thats one of my favourite porn video here

    • horny November 3, 2013

      this is so hot

    • Bushwaka July 20, 2013

      She is Hot ! X

    • Falcon87 September 13, 2013

      That dude is very lucky being able to fuck her sister. If the wife is just as hot he needs to have a threesome with the two sister's.

    • Moon January 16, 2011

      turn off 0\. 0

    • bard January 14, 2011

      She's not, wish I had a sister in law like her

    • ablinkin July 24, 2010

      I fucked my wifes sister and she agreed to have it filmed for her to find out later.

    • Mr.Love July 24, 2010

      if she was infront of me, i would demolish her cunt.

    • highheellover July 24, 2010

      I would my ex-wifes sister not touch self after a case of vadka

    • alastair July 24, 2010

      wow!! she is so hot, i'd fuck her in every hole

    • Tony July 24, 2010

      I've never heard a woman orgasm like that. If that's real then American women don't have a clue how to fuck.

    • Daviea99 July 24, 2010

      Nice. Can't quite see the frog though.

    • InVinCible^|BäxX July 24, 2010

      ╔►1.geile quali ╠►2.mega geile frau ╠►3.I want fuck 2 ╠►4.adresse? ╚► ?

    • WHAT? July 24, 2010

      She's hot. But this is awful!!!

    • call me July 24, 2010

      you wanna fuck? call me

    • JR July 28, 2010

      My wifes sister comes more than I do,especially when I fuck her in the ass.She really likes licking her juices off my dick too.She's hot and we always get together for a great time.

    • Jo annie July 28, 2010

      I fuck my sisters bf every chance I get.He goes all night and cums like hell,and he very well endowed.He love taking me in the ass and cumming deep in my ass.I cum numerous times when he fucking me.I love my sister but I gotta have her bf.

    • lolpepper July 27, 2010


    • Froggy July 26, 2010

      hooooooooooooooottttttt This girl is a Human bomb!!!

    • Plesa her name!!!!!!!!!!! July 25, 2010

      from italy

    • Hapy July 25, 2010

      He really gets around, Lucky guy

    • strange... July 24, 2010

      almost killed my boner, agreed with the camera bit and frog bit

    • sonny July 24, 2010

      I LOVE this chick!!!

    • bla July 24, 2010

      If this is your wifes sister, you picked the wrong one!

    • random comment July 24, 2010

      so fake...

    • Very Nice July 24, 2010


    • jhony July 24, 2010

      me ghusto su pelo

    • heysexy July 24, 2010

      damn hot!

    • VARA July 24, 2010


    • vallii July 24, 2010

      daca barbatul se satisface singur ea ar fi putut sa stea acasa

    • WOW July 24, 2010


    • dippy July 24, 2010

      thats freaking me out, stop starring so much at the camera woman.

    • hotty July 24, 2010

      eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww u r turning me down instead of turning me on!!! u r more concern how u look on camera rather than how u r good on the scene!!

    • ilikebigboobs July 24, 2010

      her name?

    • Weired July 24, 2010

      She looks like a frog while giving him the blowjob

    • Nath July 24, 2010

      That was one MILF.

    • george July 24, 2010

      fake but beautiful woman...

    • BILL July 28, 2010

      WHO IS SHE????????

    • fuck me July 29, 2010

      this is awefull this chick dont know how to fuck!!

    • Johnny November 11, 2010

      My wifes sister always hinted around about fucking me.One day after my wife went to work and her sister was staying there I told her she could have me and that I just fucked my wifes ass,she engulphed my cock and told me how much better her ass would be.And she was right I have never had a better assfuck or spilt so much cum in one load than in her ass.She has the wettest pussy I have ever had too.We get together 2-4 times a week now.

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