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The Art Of Cunninglingus

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September 1, 2010
Par: Eros Exotica

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Video Description:

Beautiful production featuring the art of cunninglingus (pussy eating). Amazingly gorgeous, informative and erotic!!

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    • Luv2Lik June 20, 2011

      Wow I love doing this also. I lick my wife's pussy all the time I love to start slow like he does and then start sucking the lips up one side and then down the other stopping only to massage the clit with my Tongue. I do this over and over with slight nibbles on her thighs for around a 1/2 an hour. I can tell when she is ready as her lips are all puffy red and wet and her clit is sticking out like a little pee pee. I then suck on that until she cums hard and squeezes my head with her thighs I now know it is ready for my cock to enter and we have bed bumping sex. My wifes Pussy smells like the freshest roses in the garden I just cant get enough

    • Wants my pussy licked soo October 21, 2011

      omg this made my pussy soooo wet i want licked and sucked like that soooo bad!!!!!!!!!!

    • ..I am me... September 2, 2011

      LadyCareena rocks!!!! totally agree, you guys should pay attention to this video!

    • Dylan May 3, 2011

      For all those men who say that she seems 'too passive' , you need to quit watching porn and actually get laid . Most women don't scream like these fake pornstars in order to seem that they're enjoying it when in reality they just wait for the guy to come so they can get their paycheck. You don't judge the orgasm and the pleasure by the vocals , only by the flowing juices, pumped and red vagina lips etc. Get it together !!

    • Dd October 18, 2011

      Like this i want fuck u..

    • babu September 17, 2011


    • music August 23, 2011

      Does anyone know what track you hear? It just perfectly fits the video

    • hornygirl August 15, 2011

      i wana that big dick for fuck me ahh !

    • aj August 18, 2011

      bra is the most sex of girl breast

    • sensual seduction :) August 20, 2011

      Amateur! i the best... :) girls from cyprus ?

    • E October 24, 2011

      This is how it's done. Try it and you'll see her reaction(s)...

    • cindy&eric November 28, 2011

      at first my bf was not good enough for licking my pussy,till i told him to suck and lick my clit gently if he really wanted me to enjoy our make love session,now he's perfect and i like him to suck and lick mt clit every time,just one look and he turns me on.. this video is great,guys could have learn from this.

    • shorteparker December 1, 2011

      Looks so good

    • ana December 7, 2011

      Oh, YUM... Absolutely perfect. This DVD should be given to all men on their 18th birthdays, as a service to the general public. That guy is delicious; and that scar of his is totally hot, too.

    • meee November 13, 2011

      does anyone know the name of that guy????

    • kkk3 November 6, 2011


    • teen October 29, 2011

      Ahhhh......OMG! Welcome to my pussy.Love your penis.That perfect

    • porn October 30, 2011

      daisy can i lick it for you

    • sensualandsexual August 4, 2011

      Hmm, for an 'educational' video they certainly fail at SPELLING the NAME of the activity right. It's not 'cunning' it's 'cunni',

    • Girl July 27, 2011

      Very hot sweet guy... My pussy love s him!

    • rangaraj May 3, 2011

      A funny experience . I can also do this if I get a fair girl friend like this.

    • eLIANA May 15, 2011

      Si aprendieron, amados . Yo quiero un amante asi!!

    • merrrrropok May 17, 2011

      my bf never does this. he did it once and that was all... :(

    • olli April 29, 2011

      what is so special about this video? always thought these things would be normal to do

    • Ann March 30, 2011

      Tongue with finger...OMG!

    • barry March 23, 2011

      a lovely vagina.very lucky man.

    • ScouseBird March 25, 2011

      Mmmmm my bf sooooo good at this!!! Suckings also v good ;) I love a good 69 too as then we're both happy :)

    • raveng May 28, 2011

      damn...i fucking love going down on women. I've slept with more than my fair share of lesbians and i've learned from the best. The taste, the smell. Awesome.

    • love it June 5, 2011

      that's the kinda men that im looking for omg i want him....q tipo q ta buenooo

    • Joy July 27, 2011

      Love iiit

    • harsha December 10, 2011

      hard back short

    • putu July 27, 2011

      i want raveena tondon alike sex

    • M July 22, 2011

      I also want her

    • Lovelylady July 6, 2011

      What an amazing man and tongue! *sigh*

    • Sin July 14, 2011

      Da guy is so focused ,he didn't missed n inch , it's not just sex but real lovemaking

    • mae July 29, 2011

      ohhh i love that kind of experience it really makes me turn on

    • Gerrard December 14, 2011

      awsm man !

    • Der Popper March 19, 2013

      Merke: Die Fotze muss mit Viel Gefuehl geblasen und geleckt werden

    • hungry girl April 25, 2013

      so sexy

    • vs June 29, 2013


    • arrianne March 15, 2013

      Its every girls dreams to have a guy like this..a guy who is good at Oral sex but unluckily i dont have a guy! :(

    • dave February 9, 2013

      ... i cant believe i thought i was good... this is a whole new level

    • EvE January 11, 2013

      Will Steiger hot as Hellllllllllllllllll *_*

    • george January 24, 2013


    • shellylynne September 21, 2013

      Oh so you need to put that tongue in her pussy nice and slow in and out! all the way in

    • mrb February 6, 2014

      when I lick my loverley wife out I slide a wet finger in and out of her cunt and lick her clit up and down then across,vary it slightly and tweep her nipples with my other hand, she loves it and cums quite quickly then she gets on all fours then I fuck her from behind and here she cums again, I don't expect her to suck by this time my wet dripping cock

    • boob September 12, 2014

      Lik my juicy pussy harder high it's ozing

    • pussybitch November 22, 2014

      Eat my pussy like that?!

    • Ina February 28, 2015

      I love it!

    • tongue August 18, 2014

      I need his tongue inside me and then want to ride his beautiful cock until he sprays inside me

    • 61 July 23, 2014

      that's what I do to my wife Luv2lik just like you do to yours mine cums in my mouth and I swallow it

    • like licking May 14, 2014

      i like to be eaten like this. he is awesome. background voice is nice

    • tarzan102 July 11, 2014


    • bapul November 26, 2012

      its good

    • 109 October 28, 2012

      when you finally got to see her hot little pussy you realised why the guy had a massive boner to start with

    • dick lover December 22, 2011

      I want a big Dick in my pussy right now

    • shane January 4, 2012

      i like to give my gf this thing......and hearing her moaning......;)

    • dreamyeye January 26, 2012

      jus wana licked all day n nyt

    • i want to fuck December 22, 2011

      uhh i want to fuck right now..moaning

    • hm... December 20, 2011

      I like this guy

    • cat December 16, 2011

      I want one-night stand with this man.

    • caca December 20, 2011

      She very famous in France

    • no way April 16, 2012

      will never do such thing to a pussy, women pussy are dirty and lots of liquid is out from it...yaaakhhh no way >> i will put my dick on it and play with my finger...thats all

    • omghaha May 24, 2012

      that guy is sooo HOT! I wish I could have a boyfriend like him who knows how to please me

    • j kumar August 23, 2012


    • uma August 27, 2012

      i love it when the dick is so hard and waiting for me esp when its sticking out in the pants and the guy is shy to show off how hard his dick is

    • doma September 5, 2012

      hey wait a minute,aint she the whore from game of thrones?

    • stuart August 19, 2012

      That was simply beautiful and proves beyond doubt that the natural taste and aroma of female pussy has to be an awesome and massive turn on for a man as well as the woman. A really sensuous and erotic video which shows all guys just where the clitoris is and how to pleasure it and the way that guy handled her pussy lips so gently between his thumb and finger was sensational . You don't have to plough in their like a steamroller guys the look of sheer pleasure and total satisfaction on her face has to tell you that. I loved the video as much as she enjoyed being pampered so beautifully by a very experienced guy.

    • no August 16, 2012

      foot fetish not seen

    • bushan June 17, 2012

      it is very good well done i am going to try on my wife

    • DEEPSEATED June 23, 2012


    • THEGREATERGOOD March 23, 2011

      im a male and my room mate thinks im an oral god because she hasnt had enough guys do it right. Word of advice, fuck what you think you know, start slow and be VERY aware of her needs. Paying attention to little twitches, breaths, muscle spasms will make the difference between a potential orgasm and waking the neighbors up guaranteed.

    • BiteMe March 12, 2011

      I love eating indian pussy like this one...Yummy Women !

    • wetnow October 21, 2010

      any one can eat my pussy like this?

    • just_me October 22, 2010

      I love licking a woman out, the juices running, her legs tightening up and the heavy breathing... i love it.

    • rappers October 25, 2010

      nice video nice atmosphere nice oral sex.

    • lonelylittlegirl October 13, 2010

      OMG YES!

    • nice October 12, 2010

      I like the vibe of this video, and the comments!

    • sing29 October 2, 2010

      does anyone can recommend the site???

    • Jazz October 6, 2010

      Where are you from SexKitten?

    • sexkittens pussyeater October 28, 2010

      i love the way a womans pussy smells the way it tastes most girls i do eat they squirt all over my face and i drink that 2 tastes so good.

    • thann October 31, 2010

      Awesome i love sensual massage

    • saucyredhead November 29, 2010

      Makes me appreciate my boyfriend he's an oral sex god and sex god in general

    • Latina December 4, 2010

      what do you guys mean by the smell of a woman? what is the smell like?

    • ss December 6, 2010

      nice video.....

    • mitsub November 19, 2010

      is a perfect

    • Student of the Senses November 16, 2010

      Her pussy's perfect. Too perfect actually.

    • ... November 1, 2010

      to "c" : cold temp in a room, is never good it does make it painful

    • MrCunnaluvalingus November 10, 2010

      What a stunningly beautiful woman. Skinny chicks seem to have such beautuful pussies....just lovely....!

    • ew hipbones! September 29, 2010, that girl'll never come unless he speeds it up..and rhythm, gentleman! RHYTHM!

    • Ohio Torpedo Sled September 20, 2010

      I'm not seeing a black pussy lips, those chingas lips look good to me. WOOF!

    • Punkin September 2, 2010

      Mine too illyria.. nothing I can do about it except fantasize about it.

    • ika September 2, 2010

      my boyfriend is the best in oral sex like this. i always want to be fucked by him.

    • uriguri September 2, 2010

      we men should learn & know much more about this :)

    • illyria89 September 2, 2010

      i would do anything for something like that, my boyfriend hates oralsex =(

    • so hot September 1, 2010

      whats this guys name? he is soooo hot!

    • i hate dark pussy September 1, 2010

      Omfg her pussy is fucking black . Flappy black pussy

    • love September 1, 2010

      just awesome both guyes n so nice enviornment.

    • sexbitch September 3, 2010

      this is so sexy

    • Blazer September 6, 2010

      a lot of times i would love to go down on a woman and nothing else but many are not into it, one asked " why do guys like to do that, its nasty" but from the first time i tasted and smelled a woman down there i loved it.

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