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Learn to do a prostate massage (CLIP)

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October 21, 2010

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    • Miss A June 4, 2011

      I wish my husband would let me do this to him.

    • heyhey June 5, 2011

      For those of you who don't want to try it: you are really missing out. You don't know what an orgasm really is until you've had prostate stimulation. And then one finger won't be enough anymore. You'll want to move to 2, 3 fingers, toys. And, it may seem 'gay' to some, but what would really happen if you were to try it? Besides an amazing orgasm, of course. You're not going to turn gay or something if you do it. New experiences are an important part of life... Open your mind (and your ass!) :)

    • Anna November 25, 2011

      Very nice instructional, and I like how open she was in talking about it. Hoping to introduce my boyfriend to this very soon!

    • skinnydiver August 2, 2011

      I wish my wife would do this to me! This woman has the most stunningly beautiful hands!

    • no name amsterdam` September 7, 2011

      off to the next video, this is so gay

    • silentwing September 18, 2011

      hint 4 jenna. getting the way through an unused asshole will cause much less discomfort when your fingernails are cut to the minimum.

    • yellow tip September 27, 2011

      my massage lady dis this every week for me. started out as massage and I ended up fucking her. she did this cause she liked me and had not had sex for years. Owner caught us and she got fired. Owner now does my massage and once a month will do prostate massage. But no BJ and no pussy. It does help and will reduce stress for men. The massage helps drain the fluid more thna sex alone.

    • Nicklolas October 9, 2011

      Thanks, but no thanks

    • Wow October 8, 2011

      I cant wait to find a quails egg

    • Cassy September 3, 2011

      She is so sweet and seems very in love with her partner, i'm watchin it 'cause i.want to offer it to my love...who really likes his testicles and anus to be stimulated... i think it's really intimate and not for all...

    • Niceguy August 9, 2011

      Okay, let's get this right once and for all. It's not what you do that makes you gay, it's who you do it with. If you like for your girlfriend or wife to stick something up your butt, you're a hetero who likes to have his butt stimulated. If you like for a guy to do your butt, your gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

    • Wow April 20, 2011

      She said when your feeling randy hahaha

    • Michael in ABQ April 11, 2011

      I would pay her good money to do that to me.

    • steve May 11, 2011

      it the male g-spot so you cum like a woman squrts try it guys i,m not gay some like a finger up the butt to help them cum more

    • duckhillbandit May 18, 2011

      Gay is to whom you do this... not what you do. To another person; "this IS an instructional... hense the words "How To?" For the man with BPH (look it up if you don't know) this could actually be a life saver... doesn't cure anything but helps to empty the gland so seminal fluids don't grow stale, create bacteria, and then cause infections... and a trip to the NASTY Doctor, costing $6 thousand dollars. BEEN THERE! A simple, yet risque, massage like the one shown, is more fun... and much cheaper!

    • hah November 4, 2011

      I came here to learn how to do this, I hope to get myself off tonight doing it. :)

    • Alex August 17, 2011

      Well, it was very interesting! THX 4 the video!

    • A Real Domina November 25, 2011


    • Poo January 26, 2015

      Don't forget to clean your butt !!

    • Jim December 5, 2014

      wish you would come over and due this me. It looks like it can be fun

    • nice August 28, 2014

      Amazingly educational.

    • HOT January 29, 2015

      Well if its supposed to be GOOD FOR ME........Actually I have had this kinda cum and its GREAT. Fear not, give it a try guy let the girls do the job for you!

    • Anon July 2, 2015

      I'd let her do it to me. She knows what she is doing. Btw she sucks off like a pro

    • tigru August 21, 2015

      ami place si mie masaju la prostata

    • Mikey August 10, 2015

      If she was really on his prostate, she'd be scraping him off of the ceiling. He would have cum a whole lot more than he did. Been there...done that.

    • Anonymous User June 2, 2014

      Where do I sign up for this chick to play with my asshole?

    • wet girl January 26, 2014

      This is awesome, ta

    • Holly January 22, 2012

      If I had a prostate and a clit, I would probably die of sensory overload! But I would also never leave the house...heheh

    • jim March 16, 2011

      She got nice tits, I too would rip off her lingerie, let her sit on my face all night long and she can stick two fingers in my ass. only kidding, just one is enough!

    • Auggie April 6, 2012

      It's about time a woman made a Instructional Video about this but theres still more to it then this. 5 years ago I was dating a very cool chick who had this down to a science! She could make me come up to 30 times in one night! Hope to see more Thanks

    • 'dude' November 30, -0001

      'she\'s so cool!'

    • guss February 15, 2013

      love it

    • @JohnB August 16, 2012

      it says Jennah Adams bro

    • John B November 13, 2011

      What's her name?

    • LOL March 6, 2011

      His orgasm was funny as

    • MPS 44 November 17, 2010

      Boy she is good

    • pavlosfrgr November 10, 2010

      gays dont neccessarilly like to fuck from the ass.most of men have very sensitive prostate(surrounded with nerves) and those lucky ones as soon as they discover the pleasure associated,they NEVER FORGET IT!!!!

    • yahomie November 6, 2010

      it seems pretty good, but also really gay...

    • Man November 19, 2010

      Fuck our asses are disgusting. I can't handle this. Need a woman's ass in here.

    • x November 24, 2010

      she really looks like she knows wt she's doing ill definitley do this for my guy next time... ill do anything to please him .... anyyyything

    • dexsy December 6, 2010

      x you got any sisters?

    • Anon December 2, 2010

      Bravo, well done! I want to try this on my man!

    • WTF November 4, 2010

      She talks about it like its a demonstration or some shti

    • lol November 1, 2010

      If you think that your girl touching your prostate is weird... you've never had a true all out orgasm.

    • Hank October 22, 2010

      I think she's the lover in the world...

    • Mark October 22, 2010

      This is fucking shit!

    • yeaahh October 21, 2010

      Great!!! Already legend!

    • Roger October 22, 2010

      This is kinda disturbing...haha

    • Rand October 23, 2010

      I wish my woman was this into getting me off.

    • martina October 30, 2010

      yesd I did ask my girl friend to do it on me with a strap on it was awsome wawo heaven on earth it was the best orgasme ever

    • happy husband October 24, 2010

      my wife and i bought one of these videos and now she fucks me with a strap on and its great

    • maxxxxxx December 16, 2010

      wish this girl i know would do this, she'll just think im wierd if i ask her.

    • Anon December 29, 2010

      Haha...she's so professional about it. I feel like I'm watching a "How To" video on fixing a car haha.

    • rick February 17, 2011

      how big is a quails egg

    • none February 13, 2011

      she could have found a better model to show this haha

    • Sven February 9, 2011

      I want a prostate massage too.

    • Lovin' it February 19, 2011

      Id let her do me like that anytime she wants to. I'd love to have been her model for this video.

    • buks February 21, 2011

      The man has a difficult job - getting your ass fingered for an instructional video ain't really that easy.

    • Lanie February 26, 2011

      Ladies, this is a great first step. Once you get your man used to taking things up his rectum, if you are smart, you can gradually introduce him to taking a dildo or strap on into his body. Once you begin to take him with your entire body, entering him and taking him, dominating him with a strap on, you can dominate him and take his manhood. if he objects, simply find another boy. going s;owly and steadily you can induce your man to accepting you entering him with your strap on and sissifying him to your needs and wants.

    • Buck February 21, 2011

      I probably would have shaved if I knew I was gonna be on TV.

    • jane February 7, 2011

      thx for such a video - its like a lesson and i never really knew how to do it and my boyfriend keeps asking me...

    • Guy February 7, 2011

      I would love to be getting that off of her but I'd probably rather rip that lingerie off and fuck her senseless, she's smoking hot.

    • FWB January 12, 2011

      I wanted to try this, but he chickened out at the last minute :(

    • sss January 10, 2011

      CLIP means what?

    • xxxgirl January 19, 2011

      my bf of a few years-we live together-came out n told me bout he likes it...and i was just shocked. it brought us closer together and we both enjoy it. hey, its nice feelin tht i have the control once in a while ;)

    • @@@ January 20, 2011

      Which one was the guy?

    • ... February 5, 2011

      he should have farted

    • pop January 20, 2011

      i hate it how she keeps saying pop

    • a guy October 21, 2010

      this is fucking weird

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