BattleBeauties: Crimson Kitty vs PsychoWitch and Wedgies of Doom

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Date Added: October 22, 2016
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Ancron City renamed Anarchy City after the most vile scum on the planet took it over. Lawless and crime filled. Many factions try to gain supremacy. PsychoWitch, the curvy and cruel Spell caster has started her plans to take over. She will win if no one stops her insidious plan of stealing all the sexual energy from the inhabitants of Anarchy City. But one thing stands in her way, a redheaded cheerleader. " A cheerleader in Anarchy City? Well, isn't this a gas" laughs the vile Psychowitch. She will have the Cheerleader's sexual energy... PsychoWitch sends out her henchmen who she turned into giant penis monsters to suck out her energy. The sexy cheerleader dodges their attacks, only to be caught in Psychowitch magic control field. "Who are you?" PsychoWitch asks... knowing no ordinary cheerleader would be able to withstand her absorbing spells. The Sexy redheaded cheerleader reveals to that she is the superheroine, Crimson Kitty. The Crimson Kitty fights with her amazing acrobatic skill but its no match to PsychoWitch's magic. Soon, Crimson Kitty's sweet little butt is captured and bound. hahahaha the cruel laughter of the PsychoWitch haunts her. Soon, this sweet crimefighting kitty is going to be taken to PsychoWitch's dreadful Wedgie lair. Wedgies are the best way to steal a superheroine's power. Wedgies front and back over and over! Crimson Kitty screams in pain as her leotard is shoved up her pussy and ass. Over and over this poor little super kitten is going to meet her demise. Will the Crimson Kitty save Anarchy City or will she succome to the power of the PsychoWitch? Starring Kajira Bound as the Super sexy Redheaded superheroine Crimson Kitty. And Catherine Walters plays the unstoppable PsychoWitch. Superheroine fighting, wedgies, magic control, mutants and much more. Epic battles will decide the fate of Anarchy City. Will Crimson Kitty's pussy and ass survives all the wedgies? Tune in this new exciting installment of BattleBeauties Category: WEDGIES
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Cosplay, Rousse
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