Hotel Manager seduces 18 Year Old Girl

Video has been removed at the request of VivThomas.BV

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October 26, 2013

Lesbian sex is so good... so good.

love ya all
December 29, 2013

both women very hot

March 26, 2015

First scene of Pink Velvet 3 (2005). Older chick is Cameron Cruz (billed as Lisa in this video), aged 30, and younger chick is Angelina (billed as Lolita), aged 23. Both women are Hungarian, as are all girls in this Viv Thomas production. This is the only sex scene featuring Angelina in this video, which is disappointing as I wished they'd gone back to the manager's room and stepped it up a bit. Both their porn careers were predominately spent eating pussy, and I would have loved to see them do it here.

Single Girl
July 24, 2013


September 20, 2013

wots the movie called ????? looks like a goodun ;-)